How To Do On-Page SEO So it Keeps Working Down The Road

While it is true that quite a few things are now different with optimizing for search engines, it is still doable if you can be committed. In order to maximize your efforts, take the time and learn what needs to be done with your on site or on page SEO. Without focusing your efforts on improving your on page SEO, it won’t help even if you do extensive link building; so you need to work on your site’s on page SEO first, before going to the off page stuff. We only have space to offer a couple of SEO tips, but they are solid and will help you get started.

Your main tag for the heading on all your pages will be different according to the phrase each page is targeted. So when you’re placing your main keyword throughout your page, you should insert it in the heading tag too. An equally important concern is to produce content for your visitors which means being readable. Always write your H1 tags so the phrase is at the front of the headline, though.